Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Just One Candle

Our older son sings in his school's "honor" choir and one of their songs for their Christmas tour and home concert is "Just One Candle" by Teresa Jennings. I love its harmony. It starts with a solo, then a duet, and then progresses to the full choir. What great symbolism for how the flame of one candle can spread from "wick to wick", from person to person, when it is shared.

If I light just one candle and you light just one, too,
and we pass the flame from wick to wick,
from us to you and you...

I am also drawn to the song's message, especially in the midst of the "darkness" in our world today. When I was watching them perform this song, I found myself in tears, touched by the words and realizing that it really takes a simple act by you and me and everyone else in the world...

And if we keep it going around the world,
you'll see the world is glowing with the light
that came from you and me!

Christmas continues to become overly commercialized and is more and more defined by greed. And really, if we look at the world's issues and problems today, most if not all of them stem from this insatiable human appetite to gain more, even when we already have more than enough.

If we light just one candle and pass the flame to you,
all our light would glow from place to place,

and we would glow there, too.

If we would only light even just one candle...
...by taking time to listen.
...by recognizing and respecting our differences in culture and faith.
...by laying down our arms.
...by looking beyond our wants and seeing the needs of others.
...by considering "what we can give" more than "what we can get"
...by choosing acts that bring light to the world instead of casting dark shadows.

And when we keep it going,
the light will show the way
to touch the people 'round the world
by shining night and day!

It is our tradition in many of our churches to light candles on Christmas Eve. I love this tradition! As we each light a candle this Christmas, I invite you to consider its deeper meaning, calling you and me too light candles with our lives all throughout the year.

Friends, we have it in us to bring light to this dark world. His name is Jesus, Emmanuel- God with us. May the flame of the Light of the World, Jesus, burn in the wicks of our lives. May we share that same flame to this world so desperately in need of light.

Here's a YouTube video (not my son's choir) of the song:

With one candle, just one candle.
Yes, one candle burning bright.
With one candle, just one candle,
we can fill the world with light.

Will you light even just one candle and help fill this world with light?

Have a Meaningful and Merry Christmas!

Your fellow disciple,

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