Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Prayer Run: #miles4gc2016

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I'd like to continue on the theme of praying for General Conference, which I wrote on last week: #pray4gc2016.

Prayer Runs
As I've posted on many occasions on this blog already, running for me has evolved into a spiritual discipline. It is a practice that allows me to be centered in my relationship with God. It is an activity where I am able to prayerfully process thoughts, ideas and deep concerns. In the past three years, I have ran some marathons as "prayer runs", dedicating the miles to different prayer concerns. I've ran in prayer for our Alaska churches. I've dedicated miles in prayer for those in unfortunate life situations.  This month, I am excited for another opportunity to run in prayer run.

As I posted last week, February 13th is the day assigned to us in the Alaska United Methodist Conference to join the denomination's prayer vigil: 131 days of continual prayer for General Conference. For 24 hours on that day, our fellow United Methodists from around the world are counting on us to continue the chain of prayer. If you haven't signed-up for your 15 minute timeslot, click here: AK Prayer Vigil.

Photo from susitna100.com
Now February 13th is also the day I am slated to run the Little Su 50K race in the Mat-Su Valley. I did not know of the prayer vigil yet when I signed-up for this race back in November. But I was pleasantly surprised that the assigned date for the Alaska Conference coincides with my race. Whether you call it coincidence or divine providence, I am elated at the opportunity of doing another prayer run! Moreover, I welcome the thought that many will be praying with me, albeit in 15 minute segments. I won't be praying (running) alone!

So, on February 13, 2016, I will be joining the chain of prayer, dedicating those long, snowy 50 kilometers (31.06856 miles) as prayer miles for General Conference. The race start is at 11 am in Big Lake and so I have signed-up for the 11:00-11:15 am slot (although the race will definitely take way longer that that!)

Call to Prayer
I cannot underscore enough the importance of praying for the highest policy making body of our United Methodist Church! We need a powerful moving of the Holy Spirit at General Conference and for us to be sensitive and responsive to the direction in which the Spirit of God leads us.

Will you join the global prayer chain? Will join me and others in praying, "Come, Holy Spirit, come! Fall afresh on our United Methodist Church. Melt us. Mold us. Fill us. Use us."?

Your fellow disciple,

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