Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Special Breed

Bishop Hagiya commissioning new Alaska Clergy in 2013
It takes a special breed of person to live in Alaska and call it home. It also takes a special breed of person to serve as a pastor here. It is a beautiful land with unique ministry settings, each with its own set of joys and challenges.

In my role as Superintendent, I have received and continue to receive applications to serve here in Alaska. Some of them are legit and worth considering. But some of them, I feel, are for the wrong reasons. Some say they love to fish & hunt and so Alaska would be a great fit for them. Some say they love the outdoors. Some say they love to hike and ski. Some say they want to be away, to live in extreme, isolated settings. While these are good skills and interests to have for one who is serving in Alaska, these, in my opinion, shouldn't be the primary reasons to come here. One has to feel called to serve in any of our settings.

Here are two stories of two such people I am honored to call colleagues. Charley is an Alaska Native from Barrow belonging to the Inupiaq tribe. Jenny is, in the truest sense, a Native Alaskan because while she wasn't born in Alaska, she has spent most of her life here (except for time away in college and seminary). Both of them have a deep love for Christ and a passion for ministry with and among the people of Alaska. These are the kinds of pastors we are looking for.

(If your device or browser is not showing the video on this page, click here: Charley's video and Jenny's video)
If you are applying to serve up here for all the wrong reasons, don't bother. You'll just be wasting your time (and mine).
However, if you are sensing that God is calling you to serve in Alaska, that you are wired and have a passion for ministry here, then let's talk!

And if you are from Alaska or now living here and are feeling a call to pastoral ministry, I would like to talk to you as well!

Your fellow disciple,

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